Elevator repair service

Modern elevators are designed to be extremely robust and be able to cope with continuous use. That said, after a period of time it does become more likely that an elevator will develop problems. Because elevators are both mechanical and electronic, there are a number of problems that they can develop over time. Sometimes these are just minor, such as display problems with the LED display panel on the inside of the elevator.   For more serious problems, such as the elevator juddering when it travels between floors; or the doors not opening properly, then it’s vital to have the elevator repaired immediately. As a property owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the elevator in your building is safe for use by residents and visitors. Any repairs and maintenance carried out must adhere to health and safety legislation in the UK.
A good elevator repair service will assess all aspects of the elevator’s functioning, including the sturdiness and support provided as well as the proper functioning of any electronic components. Most elevator repairs are able to be done then and there without any need for a return visit, resulting in minimum distribution, which is very important for any commercial operations such as hotels that depend heavily on the use of their elevator.   Preventing Problems Through Regular Maintenance   Whilst problems with an elevator are sometimes unavoidable, it’s possible to prevent them by ensuring the elevator has regular maintenance carried out on it. It’s recommended that you have a full maintenance test carried out on the elevator at least once every six months. This should be carried out by experienced and fully trained engineers who have worked on a lot of different elevator configurations.   Elevator maintenance is a necessary part of having an elevator in your building so it’s not something you should put off or avoid completely. Good maintenance can end up saving you a lot more money on fixing problems that might occur further down the line. Regular maintenance will help to prevent small problems from turning into large ones. Often with maintenance there are only minor issues that need to be taken care of, such as replacing bulbs.


Ascent Lift Services offer a full elevator repair service for any type of elevator configuration. Our team of engineers have experience in carrying out elevator repairs and in most cases are able to fix the problem there and then with no need for a return visit. In addition to this, we also offer elevator maintenance. Elevator maintenance will ensure that your elevator is safe for use and helps to avoid repair costs further down the line. If you’d like to enquire about our elevator repair service then get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise you further.

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